Tuesday, March 30, 2010

India's first Ice bar :: 21 Fahrenheit :: Mumbai

India's first Ice bar :: 21 Fahrenheit :: Mumbai

Visiting an all ice bar was had its own charm for my 20 something brother. We were looking for an apt place to celebrate my husband’s new job – in a new city, and the place had to match our spirits. With that intent the 21 Fahrenheit was voted for. Needless to add – my brother was super excited.

A first of its kind in the country, the place boasted of an all ice bar at -6degree C , with special winter coats , gloves and boots for the pubbers. Along with the ice bar – which was a bit of a put off in January we opted for the pan Asian open kitchen restaurant and the food did not disappoint us. Albeit steeply priced and lesser than the usual portion size (which indeed was a dampener), the food was cooked to perfection.

The complimentary appetizer was a treat to the eyes. The bite size assorted fries were teeny morsels, much too less to whet the appetite of three hungry Diners, nevertheless it was fun to nibble on the free food. We ordered the Teppanyaki grilled vegetable which was served with a choice of delectable sauces, the sweet n sour peanut dip being the best, the dish was indeed one of the finest accompaniment to the Chilled beer and frozen Margarita.

Devoid of music and steeping prices prompted us to leave a bit sooner than expected! All I can say – that the place is good for one time experience and have a swig or two, would not recommend it for a full fledged dining experience.

Dinner for two with one drink: 1700
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