Friday, November 16, 2012

Time to switch to a Chire -Doi -Aam (Beaten rice with Mango Yogurt) breakfast

After skipping breakfast two days in a row, in an attempt to lose all the post-holiday love handles and ending up with a shaky knee by late noon, I openly admit that I LOVE breakfast.  I almost adore it. Luchi Alur Dom(fried puff bread with potato curry), Apple cakes with fresh preserves, savory French toast, masala omelet and bread, coconut muri (puffed rice) and on a bad day even the diet friendly Kellogg’s K cornflakes with milk works wonders. The truth is I feel weak in my head without breakfast and It’s just a matter of embracing my waist the way it is.

Even after knowing all these, I rarely devote any time to eating a sit –down breakfast in the morning. I’m almost always guilty of neglecting it in my house. I do feed my toddler, but can’t reach a consensus on eating ‘her breakfast’ in a guilt free manner. You know what I mean? Like Suji Halwa (semolina sweet) or Dalia Sheera (broken wheat sweet) are not exactly diet friendly but soooo good for soothing a toddler’s morning tantrum.

Perhaps it’s not the cooking or the time it takes. Maybe it’s time to admit another truth – a truth that makes me an owl rather than a lark.  I’m awake agile and alert post the sun sets, it’s just the opposite when it rises. All I manage to scramble is something on the run. Often an unhealthy overdose of crispy Marie biscuits and Darjeeling tea. Not good. I’m telling ya.

For me or a person like me to eat on a busy working day , I need something portable. Guilt free, and something that can be shared both by me , my husband and daughter. Wholesome. Yum.Just about right Calories. You don’t want to whine for the rest of the day right? I found my calling in these long lost Doi Chire Aam medley (Yogurt and beaten rice mixture with mango). On work days, we need a breakfast that’s easy to whip up. In winters, I happily replace the fresh mango in the recipe with dried mango,popularly called as Aamsotto.

They’re gooey, mushy, moist, flavorful and feel decadent with abysmal calories. I would hate to call them your regular Doi Chire Aam.  They feel like fruit yogurt smoothie with a bite. You can happily whip it up in a flash.  So come just hug ‘em with your teeth.

Chire Doi Aam


Beaten rice /Poha - 1 cup
Plain Yogurt - 1/2 cup
Mango - 1 (you can replace it with the dried mango pulp )
Sugar or Jaggery - to taste

All you need to do it soak the beaten rice in water and thoroughly drain off the water. Should not take you more than 2-3 minutes, as Chire/Poha or beaten rice tends to get soggy very quickly.

Add the rest of the good stuff now. You are almost there.

Now mix it well with your fingers. As mushy as you'd like.

Lick up.

You are set.

It has just the right amount of carbs,fruity goodness of mango and blessing for bones in disguise of yogurt. Want crunch, go ahead top it with some nuts.

Finished a bowl , and packed the rest of goodness in a jar. 
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