Tuesday, March 30, 2010

An evening at Colaba :: Café Leopold :: Mumbai

When it comes to picking one place out of the hoards we have in Mumbai, I can think of only one – Café Leopold. warm, buzzin, welcoming, forever crowded and always celebratory….Ahh..the foods’ delicious too…Though I don’t like too many variations with my beer, crisp toasted peanuts, fried baby corn and french fries would be my regulars (yeah I’m so boring at times!), somehow a wide selection and happy faces compel me to order for a variant here. Whenever we visit Leopold we order for a pitcher , the regular accompaniments’, the chef’s special and wait for magic to happen on our table . This time we ordered for fried eggs, stir fried veggies with extra broccoli and cheese (yumm!), pasta carbonara and dinner rolls. Once the food arrives there is always competition to eat – which makes me a super failure at taking food pics, will the empty dishes do any good?...

The penalty we pay for visiting Cafe Leopold is having to endure an insanely full tummy, and a velvety creamy pasta taste stuck the lips – if you too like us favour pasta over the rest .

Meal for two with beer : 700
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