Friday, December 7, 2012

Chire Nonta while Soaking Some Winter Sun

Winter day.  Sunny day. Our fun day. To celebrate the balmy winter sun with some good company before the onset of the holidays, we die hard laughin- gauwwafin-foodilin –groupie of S-I-X-kindred spirit went for a girls day out. It was as silly and frivolous as you can imagine.

We went to a mall with the intent of window shopping, and sooner than we could blink we went the ACTUAL shopping route. Coats, sweaters, shoes, bags we bought it all. And of course none of us needed anything –we still did because we wanted to have some fun without a reason.

We walked around giggling non stop.We got our fill of mall-walking carbs courtesy of a cheesily named Italian restaurant called ‘Prego’ , I’m not sure what it means in Italian but for our Indian bellies we filled it till we actually looked the part ;)

You must be thinking, now that I have shopped, roamed, eaten, burped. Why am I still going on with my story – well my friend. To start with, this is a bong belly.It’s so not satiated with Italian.The day must end with a familiar food, bong if I may add, and if the belly is full then I cringe and search for a nonta (savory snack)to go with my evening tea at home.I'm smart, so I make it beforehand for days like these.

It’s a crunchy digestive I’m told. Try if you don’t agree.

Roasted Chire Nonta (Savory Poha/Flattened rice)

1 Cup Thin poha/chire
50 gms Roasted peanuts
1-2 Green chillies
1-2 Dried red chilly

For the tempering
1 tbsp vegetable Oil
A few springs curry leaves
1  tbsp Chana dal (chickpea lentil)
1 tsp Mustard seeds
Salt to taste

To serve 
A handful of fried cashews (optional)

In a wide kadai add oil and temper with the mustard seeds, red chilly,curry leaves and chana dal. Once the leaves are well fried and the seeds start to splutter add the chire (poha/flat rice), salt and roast it all well. Keep roasting on low heat till it turns crispier(you have to taste to check it). Now transfer it into a bowl. Now add the roasted peanuts and fried cashews. Its ready to serve.

I sometimes like to soak all the extra oil by pouring out in an old newspaper first  and most often have it straight from there. Of course I ensure that no-ones looking!

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