Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Radhaballavi / Dal Puri and my COOLEST blogging day

Radhaballavi / Dal Puri 

Today has to be the COOLEST Blogging day, in the history of my blooming blog moments. All in my mind I say, but I don’t seem to care – or so I pretend. Every now and then a comment pops up and I’m elated, I go back to my blog zestfully…writing…cooking…taking pictures…repeating et all. Not knowing who will that be- reading, what I have to say. I do it – for I love to do it…. But even the most motley of cooks (a.k.a me) would like a passionate reader… Ha! I have one now…

My mom is reading my blog. 

Coming from a culture where asking ma to come online is as foreign as a trip to Alaska, this is definitely a drum roll moment. In my house the camera is something which is taken out only to capture major milestones – and today it was out. For taking a picture of ‘Radhaballavi  aar cholar dal’ (Stuffed fried bread with lentil soup) which she cooked in the morning and she promised to follow it up with the recipe. 

On cajoling she confessed, that she has been coached by a young btech student (who happens to be my father’s student) and in leiu she prepares mouthwatering evening meals for him. I think this is a deal few can refuse.

Coolness is in the eye of the beholder I guess because I’m sure reading about daughter’s chaotic rannaghor  ---for a person who knows Bela de recipies  verbatim , is difficult and uber cool at the same time. This blog is really just a shout out to my ma, my biggest fan and critic. I love you, read away. This has to be a living example of how far we both have come…bridging the gap that time and distance has created…and I savor every moment of it.

I love you Ma. 

My mom's recipe for Radhaballavi


2 cups maida (Knead into a dough with salt +2 tbsb oil and 1/2 cup water)
Ghee for frying

For the filling :

Chana dal (cholar dal) : 1 cup
Red chilli powder : 2 tsp.
Dry roasted cumin  powder : 2 tsp
Dry roasted fennel seeds (mouri/saunf)1/2 tsp
Ginger juliens 1 tsp
asafoetida/ hing : a pinch
Oil : 1 tsp.


Knead the wheat flour with oil, salt and water and make a dough.

Boil chana dal with approx 1 1/2 cup water and salt. Mash completely into a dry paste. Heat 1 tsp oil and temper oil will all the spices for the filling, now add the mashed dry chana dal paste a. Mix well by hand and keep aside.

Divide dough into equal portions and roll carefully into small puris. Stuff each small puri with enough dal stuffing. Roll out into puris.

Heat ghee in a kadai and deep fry till golden color on both the sides. Serve hot with cholar dal or dum aloo.

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Jayanthy Kumaran said...

lovely post...
recipe looks very very good..
Tasty Appetite

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