Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Perfect Delhi Wintry Afternoon Munchie

Winter has finally set its foot in the city. Maybe it’s not yet the time to dig into the closet to look for woolens, but you still know it’s arrived when you see the mungphalli walas (peanut seller) everywhere.

So rather than smelling the hibiscus and the peonies , I’m smelling peanuts.

 Today I saw a portly middle aged Aunty purchasing mungphalis(peanuts) by the kilo. While the hapless seller was weighing the hot fresh oven roasted whole mungphalis , The 'Aunty' kept nibbling on the rest. Of course the nibbles were over and above her purchased loot. She must have eaten some 100 gms while the entire transaction took place. Yeah she took home the satisfaction for getting the value for money, and who cares for the free calories consumed. The hapless seller looked longingly for the next ‘noble’ customer.

Just another day in the daily Dilli life.

And winter has just set in.

 Winter in Delhi is definitely overrated. It’s a little naughty sneaky lover who keeps you waiting for days at end, and then suddenly he is there. Gives you enough reasons to celebrate and make merry. Choosing to vanish one day, leaving you pine in front of the calendar. Counting and Waiting.

I’m glad that he is back in town.

Perhaps I too can give some business to my local mungphalli seller, and be noble enough not to nibble the extras.

And I know, that whenever I go - the mungphalli wala will happily wrap it in the recycled goodness of yesterday's news. Love you Dilli ki Sardi (Delhi Winter ).

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