Sunday, September 30, 2012

Murgir Jhol or Bengali Chicken Stew

Murgir Jhol /Bengali Chiken Stew

It's that day of the week again. Sunday morning is here. Time to have 2 cups of morning tea instead of one and time to read the paper tad 15 minutes longer. Linger over the cover story, mull over the bad state of economy , give a dirty glance over the crime rate and last but not the least -  lap up the scoops.

Today's scoop is all about a scandalous romance. Romance between Bilawal Bhutto and Hina Khar. So who are they ? Bilawal Bhutto is the chairman of the ruling Pakistani People's Party, and is also the nominated heir to his mother- Ex Benazir Bhitto and father - President Asif Zardari's respective legacies. To top it all - he has the bollywood hero's looks and Hina Khar is seriously mind blowing' as a Pakistani foreign minister, mother of two, married to a loaded guy.

How can we (India) help : This is the piece which makes the scoop all the more interesting , and quoting Shobha De's solution "Apart from asylum in India, we could make life a lot more fun for this couple. As neighbors, we owe them this much..... This is a fabulous, heaven- sent opportunity to strengthen bilateral relationships between the two nations." ha! do you think?

Now that I have  a smirky smile on my face, the day starts to roll ...Murgir Jhol in the name of India- and Pakistan. What say!

PS: I do not do scoop blogging and commenting on other peoples lives is not my hobby either . let's admit - we love a little bit of snooping around and reading oh-so -out of reach scoops .

Murgir Jhol /Bengali Chiken Stew

500 gms chicken with bones (skinless)
100 gms potato- cut in cubes
1/2 cup of any other vegetable of choice
1 cup thick doi (plain yogurt for the marination)

Dry Stew Masala

1 tsp of whole Corriander Seeds
1/4 tsp of Cumin seeds
5-6 black peppercorn seeds
6 cloves/Laung

Make a paste of the
above spices
few cloves of garlic
2" piece of peeled and chopped ginger
1 tomato
1 onion

Marinate 500 gms of whole cut up chicken with 1 tsp of Garlic Paste, 1 tsp of Ginger Paste, yogurt, a little turmeric powder, salt and lime juice. Keep aside for a few hours.

Heat vegetable oil  in an open lid pan

Add to the oil with a thin 1" stick of cinnamon and 3-4 green cardamom (gently crushed ), add the spice paste. Now stir fry, add the vegetables and meat , stir fry till the chicken starts to brown a bit.

Add about 1 cup of water. When cooking in a pan- wait till the the veggies are meat are all well done.

Garnish with green chilies and coriander.

Serve with steamed rice

I'm sending this entry to the Ongoing Serve It Series - Serve It - Boiled


Pam said...

It looks delicious.

Neel said...

Thanks Pam!!

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