Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Chocolate Granola Apple Delight

Chocolate Granola Apple Delight

My little one now knows what Coke is. Even after spring cleaning my pantry ...stacking refrigerator with only (so called -100% )juice...avoiding takeaways....even cooking my own ketchup to avoid the big  bad world of preservatives ...the  word 'Coke' still managed to sneak into her vocabulary. I was taken aback when my little one sat in front of the refrigerator demanding C-O-K-O in her glass. Appalling. Perhaps I have yet to come in terms with the fact that :

1. Even toddlers have a mind of their own
2. There is an information overload. T.V, Daycare, neighbors...the list will add as she grows up
3. Coke can't be that bad. Why can't I just stop drinking it, camouflaging the fiZz inside big ceramic cups over the weekends. Hell.
4. Coke is Coke- its not like she's asking for substance abuse!!

Do I sound like I have given up, slowly accepting the fact that my toddler knows about C-O-K-E. She might  even drink it someday.. at-least for now let me think of making something nice for her to distract her mind -------FAR FAR away from these attractive fizzy stuff and junky snack items...

Chocolate Granola Apple Delight (Recipe adapted from cooking light)

1 or 100 gms packet semi-sweet milk chocolate (I used dairymilk chocolate)

1/4th cup granola

1 large juicy red apple

1.Place chocolate in microwave for 2 minutes. Till it melts. Cut the apple into wedges. Dip the apples tops into the chocolate. Allow excess chocolate the drip.

2.Sprinkle granola on top.

3. Set on a plate  with chocolate side up. Refrigerate till chocolate is set.

I served it to my little one today with Peanut Butter and banana shake. You should have seen the look on her face. C-O-K-E has to do a lot of catching up with this mommy.

For a grown up treat - you can replace the milk chocolate with real dark chocolate and flaky almonds instead of granola.

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